Book Highlight: The Misadventures of Ka-Ron the Knight

Cursed to live as a woman!
Ka-Ron of Teal, Errant-Knight to the Kingdom of Idoshia, is the bravest warrior under the crown. His exploits are legendary. His sword is feared by all in battle. His love is greatly sought after by women. He is a legend.
Then, one day he wakes to find that all that has changed. Cursed to live out his life as a beautiful woman, he and his faithful squire Jatel set out to find the Wiccan Master who has cursed him.
As a woman, Ka-Ron enters a battlefield more treacherous than war. Love in any form carries with it great risk. What is a man to do, when he must live as a woman?
Ka-Ron now must face disgusting Xows, Sea Pirates, Dragons, Elves, Vampires, Dwarfs, lost undersea civilizations, and pregnancy. No life, however adventurous, can compare to THE MISADVENTURES OF KA-RON THE KNIGHT.
You are still a wonder to me, Kym." Ka-Ron said, parting from her. "And you will be fond in my hearts until they stop beating. That, I give you my oath on."
An awkward pause filled the space between the two. Kym stared, watching almost on autopilot, as Ka-Ron turned, clamping his armor onto his body. The knight tried his best to ignore the tears starting.
"Fond?" Kym wept.
Ka-Ron eyed his sword, sheathing it. "I am quite fond of you, indeed."
"But I love you...Ka-Ron," Kym whispered. Her tears were all too painfully clear, and did not pass the attention of the brave knight. His constant irritation was beyond Kym’s understanding, which appeared to add more degrees to her suffering. "I love you," she repeated.
"I am sorry," Ka-Ron said, solemnly. For he truly cared about this woman’s feelings. "I am a man of war." He tried to explain. "I fight so that others may have what I plainly cannot."
"And, what is that?" Kym’s words dripped with pain and sarcasm.
"For a woman such as you, by their side," Ka-Ron explained. "I make that possible. I make that a right for others to enjoy."
"And you cannot?"
Ka-Ron paused for a long time. "No."
Ka-Ron laughed a huff of disbelief. "Kym, would you want to bond with a man who, at any moment, could be called on by King or Priest to protect lands half-way across the globe, and who may never return?" Ka-Ron paused. "This is no way to reward love. This is not the way of a true man who loves his family. True, there are those who take the risk, but, I will have no one for whom I care pay the price. This is my mindset, dear woman. I am a knight, and a soldier of my King’s will. This fact is not only my lifestyle. It is also my first and truest of loves."
Kym grabbed Ka-Ron’s sword hand, her eye makeup clearly ruined by the tracks of her tears. "I would be willing to accept your risks, your dangers, and the whim of your king or priest. Love does not come with a guarantee, Ka-Ron. If you vow to protect those who seek its fruits, you of all people know that life rarely has a happy ending. All one needs is courage, and you have that in abundance!"
Ka-Ron, looking into the torn eyes of his childhood love, almost caved in. With all his heart, he wanted to sweep Kym off her feet, pledge his love, and to do nothing more than to spend the rest of his life in loving bliss, caring and providing for his lady fair. But in his hands, he held his sword - the eternal struggle of the peace-loving warrior.
"Kym, I remember the torment... the hell... my mother went through as my father lay dying in battle... "
"Your mother and father gave birth to a noble son," Kym interrupted. "Can we do any worse?"
"Kym... " Ka-Ron huffed, clamping the last of the buckles and leather strings of his armor. "I will love you... always."
Hearing these words, a dangerous hope invaded Kym’s features.
"But I will do it as a man in battle," Ka-Ron continued, "hoping that one day you will find a good and honest man, who will love you in ways that I clearly cannot."
"But... "
"Enough!" Ka-Ron’s voice rose in frustration. "I have said what nature of man that I am, woman. That is sufficient!"
A deadly silence filled the room, and, for a moment, Kym neither said nor did anything. Like a pale ivory statue, she just looked up at Ka-Ron. Then, as if a veil of evil had passed over her features, she started to smile. This action, more than any other, had caused Ka-Ron’s mind to fill with fear.
"I will change your... views." Kym stipulated.
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Donald Allen Kirch lives in Kansas City, Missouri. He is an avid reader of history, Sherlock Holmes Mysteries, and the paranormal. He has a degree in Radio and Television Arts, and is listed in "Who’s Who in America." He is the author of a monthly article that appears in "Suspense Magazine" entitled "Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories of the Paranormal." After spending two weekends in the famous "Sallie House," a "haunted house" featured on the Fox TV-series Sightings, in Atchison, Kansas, he is one of the only authors of his genre who can claim to have been attacked by a ghost!


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