Review: Fezariu's Epiphany

"Fezariu's Epiphany" by David M. Brown
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Publisher: CreateSpace (May 16, 2011)
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I must say, I fell in love with this book. At first, I wondered why the book started before the hero of the story was even born, in his Mother's POV, but as I continued to read I realized that without those first few chapters from the Mother, I don't think I would've felt as connected with her or Fezariu. David handled the passage of time rather well as we follow Fezariu's life as he grows up. Through the use of letters the hero writes to his childhood friend, we get a full few of what is happening to him without the scenes dragging on. It was a unique feature that I don't see often - and even then it's usually not done well. David, pulled it off perfectly! Also, I feel that having the passage of time expressed in the form of letters from Fezariu, allowed me to connect with his friend - her loss, her missing him, etc. It was great to be able to connect emotionally with so many characters in this book, instead of just the hero.

Now, before people that know me scream at me - yes, I know I've said before that I'm not a fan of most fantasy novels as they are crowded with flowery words that take away from the plot. Well, David doesn't do that - and if he did, the plot itself was so amazing, I didn't notice!

Fezariu's life is affected by the White Oak, a famous brothel in Clarendon - indirectly. As a small boy, he decides he's cursed - after his mother's disappearance and his step-father's death. He runs away to the Meralax Mercenaries before anyone else he cares about gets hurt. He devotes himself completely to the mercenaries, throwing himself into the dangerous missions without hesitation. Fezariu just wanted to forget his past - and be rid of his curse. But he couldn't risk ever being close to anyone. Fezariu eventually realizes he has to face his past in order to be free of his curse.

This book is just great all the way around. I think honestly, my only disappointment is not seeing a map of Elenchera at the beginning of the book. However, the details about the world and the locations were clear enough in the that I knew where everyone was. I'm such a visual person though, it would have been a nice touch to actually have a map.
Reviewed by: Anastasia V. Pergakis


David M. Brown said...

Great review Anastasia. Once again, so pleased you loved reading the book. I hope you'll enjoy A World Apart even more :)