Review: Sue's Fingerprint

"Sue's Fingerprint" by Andrew D. Carlson

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A mysterious substance seems to be making what appear to be duplicates of animals in the small town of Enterprise, Kansas. However, when the living beings start to include copies of people, the Department of Homeland Security ends up getting involved and bringing all these copies to an abandoned military base to live. Deceptively simple in its short chapters and use of language (the author wants to primarily reach young adults, though it is enjoyable at young adult or above), this book tackles major issues regarding what defines a person as we get to know each copy living on this base.

Each character is memorable, even amongst those where we know the original and the "copy," though we don't get into them too deep emotionally I think this may be because they don't know what to feel and are finding themselves. As they learn more about the Earth and quickly begin to learn, the question arises if they are a threat or not, and where the mysterious substance that formed them originates. A director with Department of Homeland Security, Ted, finds himself making tough choices as to what to do.

The author holds a background in chemistry, which comes to play in the book. His description of how things works feels credible while not overwhelming. The fact the science comes off as grounded, and not just a foil for the character stories, strengthens the work. This is a good read, probably more of a quick read for an adult versus a young adult reader, but will leave anyone a lot to think about.

Reviewed by: Shannon Muir
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