Review: Jeweler's Apprentice

"The Jeweler's Apprentice" by E. Kaiser

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Publisher: Hearth Books (December 15, 2011)
Language: English
ASIN: B006MW636A

I enjoyed this story; it definitely was a good start. It was a little hard to keep track of some of the characters, but with Fia (the main character) having so many siblings, that's not surprising. The more I read, the more each person became separate in my mind.

The story opens with a tense scene of Fia following some mysterious shadows through the garden. It hooked me immediately, wanting to discover the mystery along with Fia. More and more twists were revealed throughout the story, keeping me turning the pages and wanting to know how it all fit together.

I was a little disappointed with the ending, as I felt it ended too soon. Even though this is the beginning of a series, I still felt the "cliffhanger" ending was too much. I only feel if I've read half the book and put it down. There wasn't really an "ending"; the story just stopped.

I also wished there was more description to the location when Fia first arrived at her new home in the mountains. It was a new place for her and I felt seeing it for the first time, more detail would have been shown to the reader. Bits and pieces came out of course as the story continued, but initially I would have loved to know Fia's thoughts of her new home from when she first arrived.

The mystery and intrigue built up in this book is enough to make me read more. I want to know how it all ends, how Fia and the other characters continue on their journeys, and who makes it out in the end unscathed - or not. I'm look forward to the next installment of the series.

Reviewed by: Anastasia V. Pergakis

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Elizabeth K. said...

Thanks for the review, Sci-Your-Fi! So glad you liked it... I'm working on the sequel now, so it will be out before you know it!
Thanks again,