Review: Seven Point Eight

"Seven Point Eight (The First Chronicle)" by Marie Harbon

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Pages: 456
Publisher: Magnetic Lion Productions; 2nd edition (June 1, 2011)
Language: English
Print ISBN: 978-1-46107248-5
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This book was a very intense read. With so much specifics into quantum physics it can be easy to get lost in. However, the real trouble I had with this book was how jumpy it was between points of view and even decades. I often had to reread the beginning of a section over again to realize whose story I was reading. The story also breaks up between 3rd person narrative and what seems like a personal diary account from the characters themselves. I did think it was an interesting touch that added some great insite into the characters, but it was just a little abrupt in delivery.

In essense, this is almost two stories molded into one. One story, that follows Ava, takes place in the 1980's and beyond a hidden (and unexplained) clue at the very end of the book, I have no idea how she relates to the other story (the real meat of the story it seems) that takes place in the 50's and 60's, with the characters Paul, Tahra, and Max. I wish Ava's story had continued as it simply stopped but I do know that this is the first in a series so I'm sure she will return and readers will learn how she relates to Paul, Max, and Tahra. All of the characters were developed well, in backstory and progression.

Now, despite all that, I did enjoy reading this book. No doubt the author put extensive research into the story as there is so much scientific detail. While sometimes it felt the science dragged the story with long monologues of explanation, at the same time, it helped me to understand the later events that related to it.

There wasn't a lot of 'action' in the book, the tension coming from the "unknown" factor, playing well against the emotional state of the characters. I do look forward to reading more of this series to find out more about the characters and how the story ends.

Reviewed by: Anastasia V. Pergakis

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