Review: The Oblivion Chronicles

"The Oblivion Chronicles, Book 1" by Lloyd D. Kelsey

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The main focus of the story - though there is an ensemble cast of characters - is a man named Lawrence Grey whose 40th birthday present to is to have his wife murdered before his eyes by a hulking beast of a man. The quest to track down her killer introduces Lawrence Grey to a group of people each tied up in their own dramas who supposedly all know him, but he doesn't recognize any of them.

In addition, these people also possess unusual powers (calling themselves "enlightened") that began to reveal something bigger may be going on here. Lawrence soon learns that the other poeple that also claim to be his friends also know him as being a dead man, including one who celebrated his 40th birthday at some point in the past even though that day is the present for him. Together this band of misfits team up to find out why their worlds have literally collided and why this Lawrence Grey is at the center of it.

Though the book is short, the dense plot can be challenging to follow. Also, the digital edition provided for review did have a few spelling and formatting errors.

Overall, an interesting premise with a sometimes faltering execution, but with compelling enough characters I would be interested to see where they go next.

Reviewed by: Shannon Muir

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