Review: Warriormage

"Warriormage: Riothamus Book 3" by Rosemary Fryth

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This book brings to a conclusion the story of the rise of an unexpected High King in a land that has gone without a leader for generations. As both High King and the only known Warriormage for ages, a heavy weight carries on his shoulders as he leads his men with his warrior bride-to-be at his side into the heart of the lands of the enemy. A lot of the book read very quickly, drawing me in with the battles and losses of characters that I actually found myself starting to care about.

In addition, the book introduces a new hidden land of people and incredible powers are unveiled, which really kept me interested that the world continued to stay fresh and unfold in great details.

Unlike the prior two books, the tension stayed high and it became difficult for most of the book to guess where things would go next. The storyline really felt like after the two prior books it would be hitting its stride, until the climax and resolution came up and - similar to the end of the first book - facts appear from out of the blue that were not previously foreshadowed well that seem to be a convenience. It weakened the end of the story and for me took away the intensity of what seemed to have the potential of being a promising ending.

Reviewed by: Shannon Muir

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