Review: Revolution

"Revolution: Chronicles of Charanthe 2" by Rachel Cotterill

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ISBN13: 978-1452848198
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In my review of Volume 1 of the CHRONICLES OF CHARANTHE series, I summed up the book as "a well developed start to a series with a lot of potential," but unfortunately the series isn't living up to that potential. This book follows Eleanor, now part of the council, as she acts more in a leadership capacity and becomes involved with Daniel (who joined the council when she did).

Where Eleanor's wishy washiness seemed acceptable as she was finding her own footing and place last volume, it only intensifies to the point where she makes reckless decisions about a number of things, including her attitudes towards pregnancy and motherhood which are key themes in this book. The climax revolves around her needing to rescue one of her own children, which is a tough pill to swallow given Eleanor shows no maternal skills or instinct anywhere in the book; yet this is the same woman who has no problem executing orders to kill the children of other people.

All that said, the politics and world development that surround Charanthe still remain very solid and are a big reason why this story is able to get 3 of 5 stars. I will probably be willing to read Volume 3 only to see if this storyline redeems itself.

Reviewed by: Shannon Muir