Review: The Caline Conspiracy

"The Caline Conspiracy" by M.H. Mead

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Publisher: Ion Productions (March 16, 2012)
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This was an enjoyable read.

Aidra, the lead character, gets a case she doesn’t really want and that seems like it’s pretty straight forward. Still she gives it her best effort and soon discovers this case is more than she bargained for.

Aidra is a likeable character, tough, but with a vulnerable side. She is resourceful and observant and knows when to handle things herself and when to ask for help.

The case she’s working on is interesting and had me invested from the start. The calines are intriguing and give this detective story a slight SciFi feel. The investigation is set up very nicely and gives you just enough information to try and make some guesses while dragging you further into the mystery and intrigue.

I liked how Aidra’s investigation leads to her not only having to find the truth about Frithke‘s death, but also to question herself.

Next to this being a suspenseful detective story this story also makes you think and touches on some rather sensitive subjects. I really liked this deeper layer and it had me thinking even after I finished the book.

The one negative thing I could say about this story is that some of the other characters stay a bit one dimensional, but this being a novella and not a full length novel, it’s only to be expected that not everything can be worked out in full detail, so it’s only a minor flaw in my opinion.

All in all this is a cool read that challenges you to think.

Reviewed by: Carien Ubink

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