"The Sword Bearer" Giveaway Winners!

“Sword Bearer” tells the story of Jonran who, under the burden of a highly technological world, finds an opportunity to escape through a magic portal. After passing through, he awakes to find himself on a more primitive planet and his body has been transformed into that of an ancient race of a long forgotten people.

Jonran is quickly captured and taken into slavery where he befriends a skilled yet questionable thief who helps him through the many trials of slavery. After their eventual escape, their paths split and Jonran stumbles alone into the protected elven lands where he falls in love with an elven woman, while his friend finds a future with a resistance force fighting a corrupt human government.

As they both seek an end to the violence, Jonran is led on a journey to a magic sword and on a quest to help a wizard to free his master, who is locked in battle with an evil invading army. That sword, combined with the crystals of the Elemental Lords, is the only hope to push back the enemy horde and save the world.

Will Jonran have what it takes?

Author of "The Sword Bearer", Charles Landreth held a giveaway for his wonderful book last week. Today we have the winners! You can read the interview with Charles HERE.


Fawn M

Mike Scarborough

Congratulations everyone!

To claim your prize, please email us at sciyourfiblog @ gmail.com. We will get you in touch with Charles so we can get your contact information to send you your signed copy of "The Sword Bearer".